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Blach®, whose real name is Maxime Blachère, is an atypical french artist from the Savoie region (South-East of France, touching the borders of Italy), now living near the city of Lyon.

Passionate about sport and drawing since his childhood, he makes the first one his job as a PE teacher, and the second his passion through a blog where he shares his creations. His blog was rapidly noticed by the media, bringing him a new visibility, and soon the passion prevailed over his teaching career that he decided to stop in 2016 to fully devote himself to his art.

The world of Blach® is filled with humor and saturated colors. Self-taught and "jack-of-all-trades'', his sources of inspiration are multiple. Comic books, pop culture, photography and of course street-art are one among many others.

In phase with the Fluxus movement, he uses and mixes the codes of the environments that inspires him, and learn from the artists he hangs out with to give free rein to his imagination and to deliver offbeats, sometimes naives, sometimes subversives works, like his series of works "Vandal is color" where Maxime takes pleasure in virtually vandalizing urban landscapes around the world.


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